What Would Professional Administration Cost?


The prices below reflect the average of all our the practices we work with. In our experience the average Advisor has a client base of 150 – 200 clients and is completing 7 new applications per month.

For ease of reference we use three levels to begin the process of selecting services.

Servicing Only

  • A client base up to 150
  • Based on an average of servicing 20 clients per month
  • Servicing we consider to be all non income generating tasks
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New Business Only

  • Processing up to 7 Applications per month
  • Section 14 transfers, Risk Policies, Medical Aid and Gap Cover As well as Investment applications
  • We collate all required documentation and using our task system we follow up on all outstanding requirements while keeping you in the loop
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The Servicing Only package is as it suggests and is usually for advisors not able to cope with servicing or they have a team that is efficient at processing new business but do not have the time to complete all servicing queries. Our goal is to make sure you know your client requests are being handled.

The Full Professional Package – most of our advisors are in this category. You may be too busy but are wanting to take your practice to new volumes and heights. The complete package means you have continuity in your office regardless of staff challenges. Staff can come and go but your business will continue to flow.

The New Business Only Package is for the advisors who are running off their feet trying to grow their business. You may even have multiple advisors with too few administrators. If your team enjoys servicing clients but do not have the experience to issue business this package is what you need. Our goal is to issue everything you send to us as soon as possible.

We are customisable and our goal is to provide solutions for you. Our costing can be structured to your needs providing some examples below.


  • We can work on a per project or task basis – for example completing section 14 transfers, pulling monthly schedules for client reviews
  • We can run certain areas of your administration on a retainer fee – for example only doing new business
  • No admin team and not interested in employing the hassles and stress of staff… You can have your own dedicated service administrator to assist you with all your admin needs
  • Reviews and portfolio updates can be handled by your service administrator.
  • You can have weekly, bi monthly or monthly meetings with your service administrator – handing over completed work, issuing of new tasks and providing feedback on current tasks
“Exceptional administration and superior support for my financial services practice.” Jenny Hall