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Budgeting we all need to do it

A recent survey we found says that over less than ¼ of households in South Africa budget. An interesting thing to consider is a poll asking the question should businesses have a financial strategy and budget. Do you think only ¼ of South African’s would think... read more

Retirement Top Up

Retirement Annuity Top Up Season You may have heard several people by now talking about meeting with their advisor regarding a “Top up” for their RA. What does this actually mean? SARS allows taxpayers a deduction in their taxable income if they contribute... read more

Premium Patterns and Cover Increases

In this installment we will be discussing Premium Patterns and Cover Increases. This determines whether you can afford your cover in years to come, knowing what to expect helps you to budget better. It is also important to be aware of the differences in order to make... read more

Income Protection Waiting Periods

Keeping with our theme of income protection this next blog explains the basics around choosing a waiting period. What is a waiting period? The brief explanation A waiting period is the time you need to wait from a claim event occurring until the day of your first... read more

Comparing Definitions of Disability

Following on from previous post Basics of Income Protection, this article will cover the differences in definitions of income protection. As previously mentioned with insurance companies the devil is in the detail. Important to note the definitions in your policy... read more

Basics of Income Protection

What is your greatest asset? It is your ability to earn an income. Your income forms the foundation of your financial well-being and planning. Without income there are no short, medium or long term goals that can be achieved. If you were to become disabled to the... read more

Get Time on Your Side

Compounding Interest makes a huge difference. Starting early is the best advice you will ever receive. The first two years’ contributions pay for 10% of your retirement. By the time you hit 36 (after 13 years of working), you have already funded half your pension –... read more

Our Website is Live

Welcome to Our Blog Our website is now live. The Approach brand was established just over 2 years ago born out of Michelle Hey Financial Solutions. We have evolved from our focused offering of professional outsourced administration service for financial advisors into... read more