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Our website is now live.

The Approach brand was established just over 2 years ago born out of Michelle Hey Financial Solutions. We have evolved from our focused offering of professional outsourced administration service for financial advisors into multiple services, developed organically from the need expressed by you and our network. Over the past 2 years we have with great success continued to offer outsourced administration with the addition or paraplanning, business consulting and practice management to independent financial advisors.

We have recently embarked on two services, although not new compared to our original offering but still requiring a specific mention.

We are proud to announced that we are offering our outsourced administration expertise to self-employed and SME’s. We offer invoicing services which entails following up and ensuring your clients pay timeously and front office support, assisting with calls, messages, emails and anything else required to name a few. We as always remain flexible and relish the idea of being your dependable partner.

Another aspect that is evolving in the financial services space is that we are now accredited and licensed to offer financial advice. This aspect developed from paraplanning and the need for a more proactive approach to paraplanning. Rather than only working a financial plan many advisors have requested that we assist with the advice side and handling their new clients who they don’t have the time or resources to meet with.  We aim to provide this platform for advisors who have too many clients or are wanting to streamline their business or advisors looking to retire.

Our new web platform now provides us with a space for the presentation of our services and will also be our new place to keep everyone in our network up to date on changes in the industry and the changes within Approach.