What We Offer


What We Need to Thrive

  • Advisors wanting to give the best service to their clients
  • Advisors wanting needing more time
  • Advisors who want consistency
  • Advisors who prefer meeting clients rather than submitting applications
  • Advisors who know their strengths

What We Don’t Need

  • We don’t need a desk, a chair or any stationery
  • We don’t need any of your office space
  • We don’t need to use your internet or telephone
  • We don’t need you to be supervised, watched or managed
  • We don’t even need to be in the same province as you

These are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing, not to mention no managing staff, no keeping track of leave and absenteeism, no worry of losing your experience or skilled administrators or the panic of grooming a young and inexperienced administrator.

Resistant to change

We at Approach are very acquainted with the idea that change carries with it a certain level of resistance and fear. If we give in to this emotional element of fear we are effectively choosing to plant our feet in cement and allowing it to harden. We then become stuck in our ways, in our thinking and even in our actions. All our success and the value we have added to pioneering business partners has come from this element of change.

Peace of Mind




Professional Office